In Love with Alma Cogan

Norman is the manager of the theatre on the pier at a once grand East Coast holiday resort. He has worked at the theatre all his life and despite the efforts of Sandra, his long serving – and suffering – assistant, he will not accept that the local council that owns the theatre may be serious about putting it in the hands of commercial management.

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  • Roger Lloyd Pack
  • Niamh Cusack
  • Gwyneth Strong
  • Neil McCaul
  • Christian Brassington
  • Simon Green
  • Gary Martin
  • Ann Firbank
  • Terry Molloy
  • Catrine Kirkman as Alma
  • And Keith Barron
  • Written and Directed by Tony Britten
  • Produced by Anwen Rees-Myers and Katja Mordaunt
  • Director of Photography Ole Birkeland
  • Edited by Jeremy Brettingham
  • Costume Designer Scott Langridge
  • Production Designer Spencer Chapman
  • Hair and Make-up Designer Joan Stribling
  • Music by Tony Britten