Benjamin Britten – Peace and Conflict

This feature length drama/documentary tells the story of the pacifism that was at the core of Britten’s life and work. The extraordinary young actor Alex Lawther plays the part of the teenage pupil at Gresham’s School, Holt, already set on a career as a composer, whilst struggling to equate communism with pacifism. The drama is framed by commentary from friends and historians and performance by artists including James Gilchrist, Iain Burnside and the Benyounes String Quartet. Legendary actor John Hurt narrates and appears in this radically new film testament.

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Narrated by John Hurt


  • Alex Lawther
  • Mykola Allen
  • Bradley Hall
  • Jeremy Lloyd
  • Jake Mann
  • Christopher Theobald

Interviews with

  • Joseph Horovitz
  • Simon Kinder
  • Sue Phipps
  • Raphael Wallfisch
  • Iain Burnside
  • Anita Lasker Wallfisch

Musical Preformances by

  • Tenor – James Gilchrist
  • Counter Tenor – Jake Arditti
  • Baritone – Gerard Collett
  • Piano – Iain Burnside
  • Cello – Rafael Wallfisch
  • Benyounes Quartet
  • Piano – Mark Jones
  • Gresham’s Brass Group led by Lynne Roberts conducted by Tony Britten
  • Gresham’s Senior Choir conducted by Mark Jones
  • Written, Produced and Directed by Tony Britten
  • Produced by Katja Mordaunt and Anwen Rees-Myers
  • Director of Photography Roger Bonnici
  • Edited by Ray Gotts
  • Costume Designer Andrew Joslin
  • Production Designer Emma Davis
  • Hair and Make-up Designer Suzanne Jansen